5 Common Car Maintenance Don’ts

Common car maintenance don'tsYour vehicle may be one of the biggest investments you make, and even if it is not, think of the faith you place in it every day when you and your family use it for transportation. It is entirely up to you to care for your vehicle and ensure that it is maintained properly. So how do you know you’re not making a maintenance mistakes? Well, here are 5 common car maintenance no-no’s:

1. Ignoring Warning Lights

This may seem like a no brainer, but you should never ignore your warning lights. There is a reason your warning lights came on, and even though it may be a simple fix, it doesn’t mean that it may not end up being highly damaging issue that can result in costly repairs if left ignored. And while it may be tempting to live in denial and act like your way too busy to take that visit to the maintenance shop or even check out the problem area yourself, it really needs to be done. And the sooner the better!

2. Forgetting Your Fluids

Replacing fluids is essential to maintaining your vehicle. Whether it is anti-freeze, brake fluid, or any other fluids, its important that your care constantly has what it needs to run smoothly and properly. Find a way to remind yourself to check different fluids if your car doesn’t already do it for you. Or remember to take it in for its routine maintenance.

3. Ignoring Brakes

Think about this. Brakes are what stop the vehicle. Without brakes, your car will just have to use something else to stop. And that can be very ugly depending on what ends up being the substitute brake. Listen to your brakes, know what your brakes sound like, and if you have any concerns about extremely squeaky brakes or a new noise you’ve never heard before don’t consider it overreacting to take it in to be inspected. You are always better safe than sorry.

4. Forgetting New Filters

Air is important to car’s operation. The trouble is a lot of air is full of dust, dirt, and debris that can potentially harm your engine. This can cause poor performance from your vehicle, and can even have long term effects on your car, shortening its life. Following your recommending schedule for your vehicle this will allow you to care for your car as it deserves, and know exactly when to change your filter.

5. Changing Oil Too Often

Yes, it is quite possible to change your oil too often. This is why each vehicle has its own recommended oil maintenance schedule specially tailored just for that particular vehicle. Now, of course, you don’t want to forget to change it, but if you know the recommended maintenance schedule of your Volvo or the schedule of your Mercedes, this will keep you from making rookie mistakes.

Concerned that you’re making a mistake or forgetting to care for some aspect of your car? You don’t have to be alone when it comes to maintaining your vehicle! We are always ready to answer your car maintenance questions and ensure that your investment is well cared for, and that in turn, it will take good care of you.

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