6 of the Most Damaging Vehicle Issues if Left Unrepaired

Car Engine RepairIt may seem like common sense to take care of your vehicle quickly and efficiently, but when life gets busy it is easy to place some of your vehicle’s “minor” issues lower down on your priority list. While putting a minor repair or oil change off for a few hours or even a few days may not seem like a huge problem, there will come a time when that minor issue may turn into major damage.

We’ve put together a list of 6 of the most damaging vehicle issues if left unrepaired.

1. Replace Transmission Fluid

Transmission issues are some of the most expensive problems to correct. This means that everything possible should be done to keep your transmission happy and healthy.

Replacing your transmission fluid at the correct intervals is key. Another tip to keep your transmission healthy is to avoid “riding the clutch” in your manual vehicle. This can cause wear on the transmission leading to major issues, either resulting in the replacement of the clutch or the entire transmission.

2. Check Spark Plugs

A simple spark plug can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. This fairly cheap and easy to replace part can damage your vehicle’s catalytic converter if it is not replaced when faulty. The catalytic convert controls the vehicle’s emissions system. In some cases, problems with the catalytic converter have resulted in vehicles bursting into flames!

3. Replace Fuel Filter

Replacing your fuel filter is a part of any vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. This filter is responsible for screening out dirt and other particles from the fuel, allowing your fuel system to work flawlessly. Failing to change the fuel filter can lead to problems, and even the replacement, of the fuel injection pump.

4. Fix Windshield Dents

You’re driving on the highway, and a big 18-wheeler flings up a rock that hits your windshield causing a dent. While it may not seem like a big deal at the time since there doesn’t even seem to be a crack, if left uncorrected you may find yourself with a cracked windshield and a large bill to replace it. Instead, correcting these dents before they become major cracks can save a lot of problems and money down the line.

5. Replace Ignition Coils

The entire ignition system can suffer if you fail to replace ignition coils when they become damaged. These coils are integral to creating the spark you need to ignite your vehicle’s fuel. If left unrepaired, you may end up causing problems to your ignition system.

6. Changing Air Filters Mass Air Flow Sensor

Another important part that should be changed frequently, the air filter is responsible for filtering out junk from your engine’s cylinders. Not replacing this part can lead to issues with your mass air flow sensor which is responsible for measuring the amount of air that is supplied to the engine, as well as the amount of fuel.

It is important to note that not only do these neglected repairs lead to costly and extensive damage, they can also cause major safety hazards. The best way to combat nearly all of these issues? Follow your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. Most of these problems would be taken care of during the routine maintenance, and any other issues would most likely become evident to an expert during the course of the maintenance.

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