How to Choose an Import Car Shop

Girl working at import car shopChoosing an import car shop to take care of your vehicle is similar to choosing a personal doctor. It is necessary to find a trusted shop to assist you with routine maintenance or any other unusual or emergency situations that might arise. 

But finding the right import car shop can take lots of time and even some trail and error. Using these tips will help you find the right import car shop for all of your needs.

Identify Your Import Car’s Specific Needs

When choosing an import car shop you need to be sure that the shop is well-versed in the needs of your particular vehicle. Many times an import shop might lean towards specializing in a specific brand, like BMW or Mercedes Benz, and they may do very little consistent work on other types of cars. While this is a huge plus if you own the type of car they specialize in, it may be a cause for concern if you’re not sure they can handle another type of vehicle.

Seek Out Recommendations and Reviews

Although Yelp and other public review sites sometimes need to be taken with a grain of salt, they offer a great resource and a place to start to get an idea of other people’s experiences. An even more powerful method is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. A simple way to do this is to post on Facebook or asking a coworker or friend who has a similar vehicle to yours.

Check the Cost

A main complaint when it comes to repair shops tends to be the high prices. Once you’ve narrowed down a few recommended shops, getting a price quote will shed more light on what you can expect from each one. If they all tend to be in the same range for the same problem, then you can probably safely choose any of them. But if one is quoting you significantly higher than competitors without any good explanation, it is probably time to look elsewhere.

Start Small

Starting your relationship with a major issue is sometimes unavoidable. But if at all possible, test a new import car shop with a routine maintenance check up or a small fix. This will give you a low risk way to test out a new shop, and make an informed decision when it comes to any bigger problems you might have down the road.

Keep Looking Until You Find Your Fit

Fortunately, you are not married to your car repair shop. You have the option to try a few out and really find the right one for you. Never feel like you have to keep coming back, especially if you are receiving inferior customer service or are being quoted absurdly high prices.

While you might never need an import car shop to perform a major fix to your vehicle, just like a doctor it is always good to have a vetted a mechanic just in case. And you should be taking your vehicle to the shop to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle anyways. Following this process can give you peace of mind about your vehicle’s health.