How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Choosing tires for vehicleEverybody just loves the tire conversation…or not. Tires are probably the most expensive thing you have to purchase regularly for your vehicle, and they are also extremely important to the overall functionality of your vehicle as they are key to your movement and stopping ability. But boy, are they a pain to buy! And while you may do all you can to maintain your tires, unfortunately there will always come a day when you have to purchase new ones.

Here’s a few questions you should consider before purchasing new tires:

What are you driving?

This may seem super obvious, and it is, but it is important to know what kind of vehicle you are driving, because that will determine a lot about the tires. If you drive a high performance vehicle that needs to be able to handle well during precision driving, you are going to need a different sort of tire than if you are just looking to get across town to work and back as calmly and safely as possible.

Not only that, but depending on the year of your vehicle, there may have been some changes to the model of your vehicle that may affect which size or type of tire you should select. Ideally you will have a mechanic that you trust who will help you select the correct style of tires, but if not, you may want to do a little research to make sure you get the proper footwear for your vehicle!

Where are you driving?

Do you drive mostly on smooth highways or bumpy back roads? This will determine a lot about what sort of tire your going to need. Driving over back roads that don’t offer a very well paved or smooth path is going to require a tire that is created for different terrain scenarios, than the tires for your town car that have never even tried to drive in the grass.

Another factor to think about is what sort of ride quality you are going to need, because even though you may want a lower profile tire for the handling, especially on high performance vehicle, it can increase the harshness of the ride, which may not be ideal for your particular needs.

How far do you drive?

This goes along with the type of driving you do. Are you taking long trips and driving across the state, or even country, to get there? Or do you have a 20 minute commute to work which is the majority of your driving? Either way, you are looking for reliable tires that will handle the situations you put them in.

What is your highest typical speed?

Having tires that can handle top speeds may seem cool, but it can also cost a lot more. It is better to be realistic with how fast you are actually going in the real world, and the speed rating that will compliment your typical speeds. Most highway’s speed limits, even in Texas, are typically no more than 75 mph, so having a tire that can handle up to 150 mph is a bit silly and pointless, unless you are actually going that speed. And the good thing is, even if you get a tire that has a lower speed rating, you probably won’t even notice a different while driving.

What sort of weather do you drive in?

For those of us in Texas, we really don’t have the extreme snow all winter long like other places, but we do get our share of extreme weather, whether it be storms or extreme ice. But I think we can all agree that buying snow tires in Texas is a silly move, so instead of wasting money on something that is unnecessary, it is better to choose something that will serve you well during dry seasons, as the majority of the time that is what you will be driving in, unless of course you take a lot of road trips to wet and snowy areas.

When it comes down to choosing the actual tires you want to put on your vehicle, it is important that you find someone you trust to ensure that you are not only getting tires that will meet all your driving needs, but that will also fit the make and model of your car, and be the proper size. So even though you now have an understanding of the important factors that go into choosing the right tire, you should always have an expert you trust help you in the decision process.