Maintaining the Leather Interior of your Mercedes

Maintaining Mercedes Benz Leather

You know how skin tends to become dry and cracked when it is not properly cared for? Well, the same thing can happen to the leather interior of your Mercedes if it is not cared for.

Caring for the Leather

When it comes to caring for the leather interior of your vehicle, you need to buy a good conditioner. Ideally, find a product that will clean, condition, and protect all in one.

There are lots of products that say that they will do all three and more, but make sure the product is specifically labeled for use with leather because to really and truly care for your leather interior, the product must be made for leather and not vinyl.

How Often to Protect

In general, you should apply the leather conditioner every 60 to 90 days. But really, the frequently depends on the weather.

If you live in a hot and dry climate, the conditioner needs to be applied more frequently because the sun will suck the leather dry.

Don’t be alarmed. A good leather conditioner will contain UV protection because like our skin, leather needs to be protected to remain soft and beautiful.

Similarly, if you live in a cold climate, the leather interior of your Mercedes will need to be conditioned more frequently. Think about what the cold of a Chicago winter will do to your skin. Well, it will do the same to the leather interior.

Don’t Just Slap It On

The cleanser, conditioner, and protector that you purchase needs to be gently massaged into the leather. A microfiber cloth is best, but read the directions because some conditioners recommend using your bare hand to massage it into the leather.

So, you’ve cleaned, conditioned, and protected. What next?

Enjoy the beauty of the leather interior.

If spills occur, wipe them up immediately, and re-apply the conditioner/protectant to the area where the spill occurred.

By taking care of the leather interior, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful suppleness and glean for years to come.