European Car Service & Repair

A/C Repair ServiceA/C Service – To keep your vehicle performing its best while maintaining your comfort we offer regular A/C Servicing. Being a Texas resident, we know the power of that Texas sun and the wear and tear it can cause your system. Regular yearly maintenance will reduce the risk of system wide failure and keep you cool during the hottest of days. Eurosport offers top quality work to prevent and maintain your baby’s needs, cold or hot. We use environmentally friendly machines while working on any A/C system so that none of the refrigerant leaks into the atmosphere.
Belt & Hoses Repair ServiceBelts and Hoses – Belts and Hoses ensure the engine is comfortable along with the driver. They are responsible for cooling the engine, powering the steering, and powering air conditioning. Needless to say, without their function your vehicle will be suffering. Over time, wear and tear can cause cracks in the belts or even tear them completely. Proper maintenance and inspection is the best way to counter-act any system failure. Don’t wait before its too late, let Eurosport be there for you.
Brake Repair ServiceBrakes – Brakes serve one of the most important functions your car offers: the ability to stop. Brakes are comprised of three main components: the caliper, the brake pad and the rotor. Over the months, your vehicle’s pads and rotors will wear down with use eventually requiring replacement. Being knowledgeable along all aspects of the braking system, Eurosport is ready to handle any brake issues your can bring us, come in today for service or if you have any questions.
BMW Repair ServiceBMW – Eurosport is specially fit to handle all BMW needs. Being among the first independent service locations to purchase the BMW Group Tester One, we can accurately and promptly diagnose your specific vehicle’s needs. In addition, our technicians continue their BMW educations attending over 50 hours of educational workshops every year. Staying on the leading edge of BMW technology, Eurosport is ready and able to take care of your BMW while saving you time and money over standard BMW dealers. We work hard to earn your trust and love seeing our happy customers. Whether your car is in or out of warranty, stop by and see what Eurosport can do for you.
Computer Diagnostics – Eurosport keeps up-to-date with today’s state of the art diagnostic tools for your European car needs. As technology changes, so does its function throughout your vehicle. Vehicle’s today rely more than ever on computers for their performance and reliability. Here at Eurosport, we stay close to these technological changes using our knowledge to get the most out of your car. Our computers will catch the details hidden from our eyes as well as most other shops using inferior equipment. Don’t think you’re getting a bargain going to some little “Fix all” shop. Your vehicle needs specific equipment, and talented technicians to interpret the data. At Eurosport, we are the diagnostic Guru’s.
Convertible Top Repair ServiceConvertible Top Problems – Today’s Convertibles use complex mechanical system to open and close. While they are quick to open and close, they rely on countless moving parts to accomplish the feat. Because of this, wear and tear is inevitable and we are here to assist you should a problem arise. Here is a list of the most common problems convertible tops will encounter. If you’re experiencing similar issues as listed below, please make an appointment today. Rag top issues Slowed down opening and closing System failure Leaking roofs.
Cooling Systems – Vehicle cooling systems are of the utmost importance to your vehicle drivability. The system regulates the operating temperature of your engine and associated parts. This is accomplished though a combination of fluids and mechanical parts that break down over time. If left unnoticed, it can lead to catastrophic failure and greater long-term costs. Let Eurosport stop the symptoms before the problem develops.
Detail ShopDetail Shop – Eurosport maintains in-house master detailing to customers wanting more. From buffing, to wet sanding, clay bars to waxing, or carpet cleaning and shampooing, Eurosport can pamper your baby however you like. All of our detailing is offered the same day of service to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Let our master detailer turn your dirty car into a gleaming machine.
Drive Train – The drive train of a vehicle consists of many moving parts that bring power from the engine to the wheels. With such complexity in the drive train, wear and tear to the components in unavoidable. To counter this, Eurosport employs factory certified technicians to tackle and problems wear and tear might cause. Listed below are drive train related problems, should you notice any or have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call. Transmission issues
Driveshaft issues
Axle failures
Rear end binding
Differential failure
Electrical – Electrical systems dominate today’s modern vehicles controlling the temperature of the A/C to the performance of your engine. With such a broad role in the car’s function, our team is caught up with the troubleshooting process required for today’s cutting edge cars. Please let us know should you encounter any electrical problems or if you have any questions.
Emission Problems – On the go? Short on time? Eurosport is equipped with the latest and greatest dealer level diagnostic equipment to get the job done right. We can ensure your car is running in accordance with the Texas State Emissions Laws and more importantly that your car is running correctly. Over the years emissions can cause a car various problems, here at Eurosport, we like to prevent any exhaust problems before they begin.
Engines – Engines are the heart of the beast, without it, your baby won’t make it out of the garage. Due to its importance, Eurosport is specialized in handling all engine jobs from replacements or rebuilds to oil changes. Our in-house team can rebuild or repair your engine problems in a fast manner that you will appreciate. Let our ASE Certified Master Technicians take care of your needs today. Ask us about adding some Performance into the rebuild. From mild to wild we can get your car running to the best of its potential.
Exhaust System – Exhausts are a must to those seeking performance or those seeking reliability. Whether it’s a routine issue or an aftermarket desire, Eurosport is ready to handle the job. Our facility is equipped for various exhaust upgrades to custom exhaust fabrication. When you need more growl from your car, Eurosport is here to help.
Fuel Injection System – Eurosport specializes in fuel injection systems and their vital role to your vehicle. With years of knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, let the staff at Eurosport diagnose and repair any or all your fuel injection system needs.
Glass – Rock chips? Cracks? Faulty rain sensor? Eurosport offers complete glass replacement at an affordable price. From windshields to windows to mirrors, we are here to serve you. Feel free to make an appointment today.
Heating Systems and Climate Controls – Driver comfort is on the top of your list and it is on top of ours as well. Throughout the life your vehicle you may encounter faulty heating and cooling components. Instead of freeze to death or sweating to exhaustion, come see how we can help. Our technicians are eager to handle any climate issues you may experience. Before you are stranded, let Eurosport fix the job.
Ignition Systems – Ignitions systems are spark of life to your car. Without them, your vehicle will not start. European cars often incorporate complex electrical systems that integrate into the ignition system to help maintain proper engine firing. With such importance to your vehicle, any problems should be brought to the attention of a qualified mechanic. Let Eurosport be the one whom you can trust to get the job done.
Mercedes Benz – Eurosport remains one of the leaders in the European automotive industry. Being one of the first independent shops to purchase the Mercedes Star Test equipment, we accurately and promptly diagnose and repair your baby. Your car is a major investment for you and for us as well. This is why we offer complete diagnostic testing with factory level equipment, service, repair, and scheduled maintenance. Our goal is to have your car running as good as when you drove it off the lot. Come see how our technicians can serve you. Eurosport continues its hard work in earning your trust.
Mini Cooper – Eurosport’s countless years of BMW experience lands them with quite high BMW reputation. Being that Mini Cooper is a member of the BMW family, we are right at home working on them. From tune-ups to services, let the staff at Eurosport take care of your Mini needs today.
State Inspection Repairs – Fail a state inspection? All is not lost. Here at Eurosport we use state of the art equipment to bring vehicles back in compliance with Texas State Laws quickly and efficiently.
Transmissions – Transmissions are some of the most work intensive repairs a car can receive. It is all about attention to detail. Because of this, we use only certified master technicians to handle these delicate jobs. We perform services, repairs, rebuilds, or certified factory replacements. Let Eurosport be the solution to your problem.
Tire and Wheels – We are a one-stop tire shop. From servicing, to balancing, to the tires themselves, Eurosport is geared for all your tire needs. Looking for a specific brand or size? Give us a call or find us on the web, no order is too tall. Come see what we can do for you.
Tune up – This is an obsolete term. Most vehicle manufacturers specify what should be performed at certain time or mileage intervals. If your vehicle has a problem, you should describe that problem to your technician, and let the technician tell you what need to be performed. Cars are getting more and more maintenance free, for lack of a better phrase. There are no more points and condensers like in the olden days, which needed to be filed and or replaced every 10-15k miles. Today’s Ignition systems use high tech spark plugs and coil on plug systems which also have longer life expectancy. Keep up with your vehicles scheduled maintenance and if you have a problem, let us know what the symptoms are and let’s get your vehicle back to 100%.