Top 3 Reasons Your Volvo’s Check Engine Light is On

Volvo's check engine lightThere is nothing that makes you hate being a car owner more then when the bright check-engine light comes on in your Volvo. It is often amazing how much power over your mood that tiny, orange light has.

Your Volvo’s check engine light is not necessary a reason to panic. So before letting your imagination get carried away with all the horrible things that could be wrong with your Volvo, here are the top 3 reasons that your Volvo’s light is on and what to do about it. 

1. Gas Cap

This is the reason you hope your Volvo’s check engine light is on.

If your Volvo’s warning light comes on, before doing anything else, just simply check your gas cap. Is the gas cap loose? Is there a crack in it? Either one of these issues can allow fuel vapors to leak out, which can cause problems with the whole fuel system and reduce your gas mileage.

This simple check can rule this problem out. And if you do need to replace the gas cap, a new one only costs a few dollars at most auto parts stores.

2. Oxygen Sensor

This part monitors the unburned oxygen from your exhaust system. Over time, this part becomes dirty, causing it to provide the wrong data back to your computer. This can decrease mileage and increase emissions in your vehicle.

This is not a simple check like the gas cap above. Instead, you will want to take your car in to have a scan done. This will allow you to identify exactly what is wrong that is causing the check engine light to come on in your Volvo. Because this is a more expensive part, and because there are typically between two and four oxygen sensors in your vehicle, you will definitely want to run a scan to ensure that you or your mechanic replaces the right one.

3. Catalytic Convertor

Another often painful fix is the catalytic converter. If you are following your Volvo’s recommended maintenance schedule, you should not have an issue with this, but if you are not, this could very well be your issue.

If this is the cause of your warning light, you eventually will not be able to keep your car running and your gas mileage will be terrible. Replacement is expensive, and requires an experienced mechanic to make the repair.

Ultimately, if you are following your regular maintenance, typically the most expensive causes of your check engine light will be caught early. While your Volvo’s warning light can be frustrating, it shouldn’t be ignored. If a simple check of your gas cap isn’t enough to turn the light off, immediately get a scan done or take it into the shop.

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